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Tactical Dog Harness

"This harness helped me with her to stop pulling me…. And she behaved differently with it on. We love it very much. 2nd one we got. 🐾🐾😊" Jerry Miller, dogs owner

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- harness eliminates pulling & improves walks
- confirmed better control over reactive, big dogs
- increase efficiency with dog training

Tactical dog harness combines reliability, durability, long-term service and versatility.

✅ Easily adjustable dog harness
Top handle for motion control, 4 quick-release buckles for easy on and off, providing extra safety;
With one top handle to leash and control your dog and one V-ring in the front to attach a dog leash

✅ MOLLE system & military style
Each side features two MOLLE straps as well as hoop & loop strips panel to easily attach molle pouches or ID panels; dog harness is not designed to bear heavy weights and we advise against relying solely on the grab handle to carry your dog

✅ Hook and Loop Panels for Attach Morale Patch
One full length strip of 9" long 2" wide heavy duty loop panel on the top for ID badges(Since the size is manually measured manually, there may be an error of 1 inch); One 3.5" long 2" wide loop panel on the neck strap

✅ Available in 2 colors & 3 sizes
Perfect for any occasions such like dog hiking, daily walking or training etc,. Measure around your dog's neck and chest to get the right fit (Measurement chart reference to the picture)

Frequently Asked Questions:
Q: Can I machine wash a dog harness?
Cleaning a Tactical Harness is best done by hand washing it with mild soap, rinsing it thoroughly and allowing it to air dry. If machine washing is necessary, use the gentle cycle without spin, and avoid using detergents, solvents such as bleach or degreaser. Keep in mind that machine washing and drying may decrease the lifespan of the harness.

Q: What if buckle straps are loose?
To adjust the fit of the Tactical Harness, cross the strap over and adjust the slider. Tighten the strap and then tuck the excess strap over the top of the slider and into the buckle.

Q: What is the solution provided by a Tactical Harness for dogs that pull?

A: The front-clip design of a Tactical Harness changes the point of leverage by attaching the leash to the front of the dog. When the dog pulls, the leash gives a tug on their chest to the side, causing them to turn towards the owner and not allowing them to move forward, preventing them from continuing to pull.

Q: How Do I Measure My Dog Properly?
 To properly measure your dog for a harness, you will need to take two key measurements: the neck and chest. Once you have these measurements, you can compare them to the size chart provided in the product description to determine the correct size for your dog.