Buy Military Dog Tags

The US military issues dog tags to service men, and they become treasured items after they retire or leave the service. For some, it becomes an heirloom that serves as a proud memory of the sacrifice of their loved one.

We craft beautiful and personalized dog tags that can be worn as jewelry or as a pendant to supplement a military dog tag. We make our military dog tags from high-quality steel with special inscriptions and designs that convey the proud heritage of our military personnel. You can choose the military branch of service. We offer designs for Army, Air force, Marine corps, Coast Guard, Vietnam veteran, and Navy dog tags.

What is Military Dog Tag?

Military dog tags are primarily used to identify soldiers who were hurt or perished in the line of duty. Being in the business of military-style products for years, we know the significance of American dog tags and the tradition that these cherished items carry.

That’s why when you buy Galaxate American dog tags, you can be sure that we designed each one to honor the legacy and traditions of the US military forces.

If you want to buy military dog tags but have had a bad experience with purchasing second-rate tags that use stickers and cheap materials just to make a buck, it is only natural that you have second thoughts. 

We detest the making and selling of these inferior tags, as we see them as an affront to the deep emotions and traditions attached to real American military dog tags.

Galaxate US army dog tags have pendants made from solid, high-quality steel. All designs and text are military-engraved deeply into the tags to ensure that it does not fade. You can choose the gold color version if you want your dog tags to look more like jewelry. We also have a silver color option if you want a more subtle dog tag that looks more like the military version. We also offer a black dog tag that’s striking in appearance and a color that’s sealed to ensure the design does not fade.

Military Dog Tags in the Online Store Galaxate

We pack each pendant with a chain in a gift box, so you can easily present it to your loved one. You can wear Galaxate US military dog tags as a solo pendant or as a tandem with your military-issued tags.

Some personnel claim they did not receive their US navy dog tags, while some lose theirs after their service. That’s a shame because the tags become a part of their military service history. We designed all of our US military dog tags for sale to be near the specifications of real dog tags. It’s the perfect gift to someone who might have lost their tags or want a supplemental tag that goes great with their original ones.

If you’re ordering extra military dog tags for your buddies, batch mates, and comrades, you can get discounts and save on shipping. Since personalization and ordering are done online, you and your buddies can agree on a design and have the tags ready for the next get-together.

Why Choose Galaxate to Buy American Dog Tags?

Do you know the easiest way to make a retired or veteran military smile? Buy Navy dog tags, Army pendants, and other military-style products as a gift for Veterans Day, Christmas, birthdays, and Independence Day. 

Feel free to compare our military dog tags’ price, quality, and design with other stores — we are confident that we have the superior product at the best value for your money.

On top of all these, we have excellent customer service that will handle all concerns and answer any inquiries. Just use our contact form, and our courteous staff will get back to you ASAP.

Lastly, to ease all your worries, you have 14 calendar days from the date of receipt of the goods to get a complete refund if you are dissatisfied with your military dog tags. We have been manufacturing top-of-the-line military-style products for years and are confident that we will delight you and your loved ones.