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Deep Sea - Custom Epoxy Night Lamp

  • 🎁 A great gift for yourself or a meaningful gift for a loved one.
  • 🔋 Charging port: USB (can use phone charger or USB port of laptop or PC).

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Thanks to the transparent, easily diffused light, the resin night lights are a perfect decoration for the living room, bedroom or office.

We care about the customer's experience and that's why our products are different:
✅ We have studied the path of light, experimented with light placements to achieve the most realistic and high refraction effect.
✅ The base of the lamp is designed with a seamless monolithic design
✅ The sophisticated precisely cnc-ied bottom and aluminum heatsink make the circuit durable, and it's also designed to be removable - easy to replace and repair in the event of a problem.
✅ Using the best paint color, covered under the high-grade anti-UV coating, the saturation of the Resin Night Light will be perfectly protected for a long time.
✅ To ensure the best gloss and transparency, we use the finest resin to keep your vision unobstructed when seeing the details inside the wood and resin.

Material: Wood and Resin
Power supply: 5V
Charging port: USB (can use phone charger or USB port of laptop or PC)

The processing time vary for each item. Usually it takes us about 5-7 days to finish the production, however sometime the finished item does not look really perfect and we may decide to make start over.
We just wish to deliver the best you can get.

For handmade products, please allow very slightly diference from what you see in photos. We dont do mass production so the mountains, rivers or smoke...can not be 100% the same everytime.