How Veterans Are Reminding Americans of Their Freedoms..

By Mary Garcia. Independent Writer. | May 20th, 2024| 11:11 am EST - 251.328 👁


Summary: A retired U.S. Navy Division Commander shared his perspective on the importance of not taking American freedoms for granted.
He described the constant readiness required during his 10 years of service and the stark contrast between American freedoms and life in other countries.
Adjusting to civilian life was challenging, as many Americans seemed unaware of the true cost of their rights.
The Commander stressed the need for veterans to remind others of their sacrifices through personal stories and visible symbols of their service, like customized products: caps, flags, doormats and tumblers...


With growing tensions in America today, it seems as though most Americans take their freedoms for granted. These rights that we enjoy simply couldn’t be possible without the sacrifices made by the people in our armed forces..

In fact, a former recruit Division Commander in the U.S. Navy shared his perspective on the matter. He served America for 10 years and was on call 24/7, 365 days a year without ever knowing when he might be suddenly deployed for 6 to 12 months with as little as just 5 days’ notice.

“I am a Veteran, I love freedom,” explained the retired Division Commander as he recalled his days of service to America. We’re sharing excerpts from his story below as a reminder that none of us should ever take the freedoms we have for granted.

Understanding Freedom: The Unique Right of All Americans

Many people truly do not understand how lucky they are to live in America...

They’re easy to distract with mindless games and campy news stories. They argue over trivial things and complain about first-world problems.

They don’t realize the peril of being in this state of mind, as one day, that freedom could be gone if there is no one left to fight for it.

"We have so many things we can do here that you could never do in some other countries...and we just take it for granted."

Freedom is something we take for granted, and we, Veterans, know the real price we paid for it...


"Going into other countries that don’t have these same basic rights afforded to their people is an eye-opener.

Those who serve our country get to see it and it makes them fight even harder to protect our freedom.

"In many other countries, there is no voting. There are no rights. People must do what they are told or face horrific consequences. They do not get a say in anything...

Americans are given rights to practice the religions they want to practice, to speak freely, to vote for the president, to have a fair trial, wear what they want to wear, get an education, and much, much more.

Many Americans seem oblivious to this fact, largely because they have not seen it with their own eyes.It’s easy to ignore something when you’re not staring it down right in the face like Veterans did when they were actively serving the country...

Instead, America is in danger of forgetting what makes it the best country on the planet.

The people need a reminder that freedom isn’t free and that brave men and women stepped up to fight for it.

Coming Home to a New Reality...

When Veterans come back home after their time of service, it’s a mistake to think that it’s easy for them to just fall back into civilian life... 

“I wore dog tags, I have a dd-214,”  the esteemed Veteran explained.


Fellow Veterans understand this because for the time they spent in active duty until the time they got their dd-214, they saw things they wish they hadn’t.

They experienced things that changed them forever. They carry these things with them always, weighing on their minds...

Even in dreams, Veterans recall vividly their experiences fighting for America’s freedom. 

Yet when they come home and try to reintegrate with life, they often feel left behind... 

You're cast out into a world where people don’t care about one another like you and your brothers did. They get offended by humor you think is normal or certain vernacular you use.”

Many Veterans feel like the general population ignores their contributions. However, there are a few good people out there who recognize them and are grateful for what they have done.

Hopefully soon, as more Veterans spread the word together, there will be many more people that appreciate the efforts made by those who joined America’s branches of armed service.

“I have served my country. I walked the walk.”


Veterans all made the choice to serve and spent countless days away from the people they loved.

Family and friends had to carry on without them there while their loved ones fought for freedom in places that never had those comforts of home.In that time, people got married and had babies. Those babies grew up.

The world kept spinning and civilians went about their lives, going to weddings and graduations, and hoping they wouldn’t be going to a funeral.

Spending time in the barracks or out in the fields, watching those around you getting taken out by the enemy. It is not an experience for the faint of heart. 

“Whether it goes by the name ‘battle buddy’ or ‘shipmate’ or ‘wingman’ --- all veterans understand that tough assignments are best faced together.”

The only comfort they had was each other, clinging to hope that one day, they would be able to go home to their parents, spouses, children, and friends and enjoy those precious freedoms they were putting their lives on the line to protect at all costs.


The Honor of Serving America

Today, Veterans have a distinctive honor only bestowed to them.

Only they and their families know the sacrifices made for the freedom of all Americans.

Those sacrifices took them to far away places where they knew going into it they may not make it back home alive.

They knew there was a very real possibility that they would never go back to the land that they loved, but they did it anyway.

Thanks to the Veterans who served in our military, we enjoy standards of living and safety unimaginable in different parts of the world.

Seeing America the way it is today is troubling for Veterans.

It’s becoming increasingly important for those that served to carry onward and remind their fellow Americans of why they are free.

As our U.S. Navy Veteran tells it, “My oath never ends.”
This sentiment couldn’t possibly be any truer as every Veteran is always sleeping with one eye open, watching vigilantly for trouble to head it off at the pass.


Being in the armed forces, even after finishing your days of active duty, you never stop being a Veteran.

It never ends after you solemnly vow to protect your country and fellow citizens. 

When they return home again, it is a wonderful gift, but not a gift that they go into expecting.

All Veterans are heroes, but those who had those checks cashed for the ultimate amount should never ever be forgotten. 

How Every Veteran Can Honor Their Duty and Remind Others of Their Freedoms...

The U.S. Navy Veteran ended on this final note, telling a story of a recent experience while waiting in line at the supermarket.

"A young woman was behind me in line for the cashier at the supermarket with her two kids. I’d almost forgotten I was wearing it as I feel naked without it, but I had on my Veteran cap. I wouldn’t have noticed her or her children if not for her addressing me. In fact, it took me a moment to realize she was trying to get my attention."


“And do you know what she said?She said, ‘Excuse me, Sir? Thank you so much for your service to our country. You are a hero. Thank you for fighting for our freedom. May God bless you.’“Well, her eyes became a little teary as did mine. Her children asked to shake my hand. More Americans need to be reminded of what freedom is and understand the severity of the dark forces that are still trying to take it away and strip it from us forever.”

Showing pride in being a Veteran is what helps spread this message of awareness of our freedom.

The more people that understand how fragile this all is, the more they will begin to appreciate it rather than take it for granted. 

Veterans that want to spread this message should display their former years of service with pride.

There are many ways to do this, such as being vocal about your experiences and spreading the word. 

There are also ways you can show your pride without saying anything at all.
Wearing Veteran caps wherever you go, displaying a Veteran flag or doormat outside of your home, or even carrying it as a constant reminder while staying hydrated on your Veteran tumbler. 



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