As a combat veteran, I could return to civilian life with the help of this unexpected product..

By Jerry Anderson. Retired Specialist. | May 14th, 2024| 11:11 am EST - 251.328 👁


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We veterans make a solemn oath to protect our country, a commitment that stays with us for life.

We carry our military discipline forever, but transitioning back to civilian life after years of service can turn our world upside down. Mine was no exception.

I was cast out into a world where people didn’t care about each other the way my brothers in arms did.

They were offended by humor I found normal and the vernacular I used. Many lacked discipline, and the world seemed to move and speak differently..

It felt like nobody understood me, nobody cared. Deep down, I craved appreciation but received none.

I didn’t know my anxiety could come thus far..

I did my best to return to a ‘normal’ life.

I got a job and started as a grade 1 research mechanic, the lowest position available, and 15 years later I retired as a grade 11 ( highest hourly grade) facilities lead electrician.

I had my wife and 2 kids and everything seemed okay.

Then one evening, Kelly and I went to watch "Saving Private Ryan" at the theater. I couldn’t even make it through the opening scene…

The noise, the faces around me—it all made me sick. I felt angry that people would watch another Hollywood movie they’d forget the next day while I lived through real war. The ghosts of my past haunted me, and I couldn’t pull myself together..

We left the theater and went home. My wife tried to console me but the only voice I could hear in my head was the voice of my friend Jack, who I lost in Iraq several years ago.

This is what made me feel better...

After that situation in the movie theater I became even more anxious and distressed, spending most of the time in my head reliving the events from the past...

I grew distant with my wife and kids.

I worked with psychologists and psychiatrists, but the progress was very slow..

One night, chatting with fellow vets on Facebook, I saw a repost that caught my eye...

It led me to a product page—an ordinary doormat, or so I thought.

Yet, from the first line, I knew it was more. It symbolized everything I fought for and reflected my true values..

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The ad I saw in Facebook Group. 
Look at the post engagement!

On the product page I saw real reviews of other people!

You know how many SCAMS there are today, and I didn’t want to fall into that trap.

But reading real stories and seeing real pictures of other Vets convinced me that the seller is trustworthy!


Vicky H.

Verified Buyer

I gave this mat as a gift to my Brother in law and he was thrilled with it. I love to give and when I saw this mat, I knew it was perfect for anyone who served in the Service.
 So if you need a special gift for a special person who has served our country, this is it!


Patricia S.

Verified Buyer

My husband is a Vietnam Veteran. I bought one for him and one for his buddy. It touched both of their hearts!


Kimberly G.

Verified Buyer

My Hero cried when he got this for Christmas! It was a huge hit and was here in a timely manner. So happy to have given this as a gift to my husband.

Moreover, the customer support team sent me emails with updates on the product’s status, from the purchase to delivery! I knew for sure my doormat was going to arrive safe!

It has finally arrived!

Finally I received an email that my doormat arrived..

In real life the doormat looked even better!

I immediately put it on my porch and got rid of my previous doormat that said only ‘ Welcome’. I didn’t need it anymore!

I needed a doormat that from the first line would tell my story and remind anyone who crossed my threshold—a proud veteran lives here.

When I return home from work I take some time to stand and to read each line on my doormat.

It serves as a reminder of my military past but now I remember it with a warm sense of nostalgia rather than a nightmare as before.

The doormat is a conversation starter for my guests, sparking discussions about my service.

My family and friends love it as well! Now we spend more time together and they love listening to my military stories..

The only thing I regret though is that I didn’t order more than one! I want to put it near my bed and in the living room!

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My doormat at the front door!

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