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Military Tactical Gloves

"These gloves are great. They fit nicely and don't feel to constricting. I like everything of it, texture, fitting all of it" - Robert Thompson

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- anti-slip
- protective
- multifunctional


Tactical gloves combine hardness and softness, providing protection and dexterity at the same time. Ideal for law enforcement and first responders, they are also great for home use as they are designed to protect the hands.

Rigid molded bones and ribbed fabric provide a high level of durability, while thoughtfully placed neoprene panels allow for natural movement. The palms of the gloves are made of durable polyurethane with embossing and an additional panel for reinforcement. Comfortable fingertips allow you to text, type and use electronic devices without taking off your gloves. The glove is complemented by the ability to personalize the shape - the wrist strap is adjustable and fixed with a hook and loop.

✅ Hook-and-loop wrist strap
For the best in comfort and fit, the hook-and-loop wrist straps ensure that adjusting and adapting is both quick and efficient.

✅ Hard, molded knuckle
When impact protection and durability are a must, the Hellfox’s molded knuckles offer top-level defense against a variety of impacts and hazards.


✅ Reinforced palm panel
Whether you’re handling a phone or a firearm, the reinforced microfiber palm provides the grip you need to hold your gear steady.

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