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Why Veterans Are Going Crazy With This Metal Sign in 2024

By Ruth Garcia. Independent Writer. | May 9th, 2024| 11:11 am EST - 251.328 👁

Summary: Mary, the wife of an Army veteran, shared a story about how one unexpected product made her husband smile for the first time in months. Her husband, James, suffers from PTSD. After completing his service, adjusting to civilian life has been challenging for him. But on the day Mary bought him this metal sign, James smiled and immediately went to hang it in his garage...



I won't hide the fact that sometimes even James and I struggle to solve the simplest life problems... Not to mention finding common ground with others.

Since he retired a few years ago, PTSD has been the main issue we deal with every day... He can suddenly wake up crying at night about his fellow soldiers... he can irrationally lash out somewhere in the grocery store over something trivial, while we're standing at the checkout.

Every day, I try to do everything in my power to distract him from past experiences: spending time together on walks, watching his favorite historical movies, or simply buying something for him, especially car products. Sometimes he spends entire days in our garage fixing something in the car.

This is what finally made him smile..

One day, scrolling through the news feed, I came across a rather unexpected product - a metal sign with sarcastic text for veterans. It seemed very interesting to me, so I decided to buy it for James to see his reaction...


James's reaction to the personalized metal sign from me

Let me tell you, it's truly a find for a gift for any veteran. I say this because James asked me for the link to this store and ordered the same metal signs for two of his comrades. Let's figure out why veterans just go crazy for them, here are my 6 reasons:


1. FREE Personalisation with Your Name

Make it yours and show your neighborhood who you are!
Get ready for plenty of compliments when others see your name proudly displayed.

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2. Any Branch Logo Available

Everyone will know there's a proud veteran on the other side of that sign and make people think twice before entering the property.


3. A Unique Gift Not Sold in Stores

Don't settle for ordinary.
Your comrades or veteran family members would feel truly appreciated when they receive it. It's a memory-maker, a laughter-inducer, and a tear-jerker all in one!

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4. Indoor and Outdoor Use

Whether it's your man cave or the front porch, let your military pride shine everywhere.

There are no limits – flaunt it proudly!

Frame 10.jpg__PID:12ff3a22-cb0b-4798-b58f-66ef2bedfa63

5. Easy to Order

The ordering process is very simple. Even if you don't shop online often. Your order will take you no more than a few minutes.


6. Approved by 3200+ Veterans

Each veteran has a story, and we're honored to help them share it. Join the ranks of satisfied veterans who have found their perfect match!

Before buying it, I also read the reviews of other people.

You know how many SCAMS there are today, and I didn’t want to fall into that trap.But so many positive and genuine reviews convinced me that the seller is trustworthy!


Ethel S.

Verified Buyer

"Gave this to my husband for Christmas. He absolutely loves it and won’t put it outside because he didn’t want it to become worn and dirty. Going up in his work shed!"


Justin G.

Verified Buyer

Signs are well made. I ordered two and have them in the yard. 🇺🇸🇺🇸


Dale F.

Verified Buyer

I have it on my home. Right where anyone that gose by can see it and know that they need to keep on going.

Moreover, the customer support team sent me emails with updates on the product’s status, from the purchase to delivery! I knew for sure my gift was going to arrive safe and on time!

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